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Why an Air Wind Deflector Is a Must for Your Vehicle

They are also plainly called wind deflectors, bug deflectors, or rain guards. But whatever name you call them, an air wind deflector only aims to protect your vehicle and make your trips more comfortable. It is well worth an investment.

Air wind deflector
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What It Is

An air wind deflector is an automobile accessory. It can be hooked up in front of your truck just right in front of the hood, in the sunroof, or on the side windows. There are two types: the rooftop mounted and the stake pocket mounted. The ones mounted on the roof are again of two different types: the first type would require the air wind deflector to be drilled into the roof for it to be bolted on the roof of the truck, while the second type only requires suction cup feet securely fastened by 4 nylon straps and vinyl-coated hooks attached between the door and the roof. Stake-pocket-mounted air wind deflectors are slid onto the stake pockets of the truck and attached onto the truck's "headache" rack.

What It Does

Typically, they are needed to protect the vehicle from the damage of flying debris as the front of a car can be extremely susceptible from debris damage that comes in the path of the vehicle. The speed at which the car moves intensifies the amount of damage when rocks, dust, sand, salt, and bugs hit the car. The impact could extend much damage to the vehicle-to the extent of having dents, chipped paint and cracked windshields. This smash-up can expose the metal of the vehicle, making it more susceptible to rust and corrosion damage.

Your air wind deflector also prevents too much wind from flowing into your vehicle especially when the windows are left open. When you have your air wind deflectors installed on your windows, it also keeps out the rain during storms that the windows are just rolled down. It allows you to keep the fresh air circulating inside your vehicle thereby reducing the need to have the air conditioning going. In this way, the gas mileage of your vehicle is increased. It is also said that an air wind deflector minimizes the noise of rushing air from reaching the passengers and the cold air as well. It is estimated to reduce about 11 to 12 decibels of wind noise when it is installed.

Advantages of an Air Wind Deflector

Having air wind deflectors for your vehicle is a smart and wise choice. It is actually a must-have investment. If you are enjoying your trip, it can all change within moments when your vehicle suddenly screeches to a halt because of something that has been tossed up in the air in front of your vehicle as you are cruising your way through the highway. Consider installing an air wind deflector for your vehicle and the other advantages including the following:

  • It is a cost-effective solution rather than spending much more in the replacement of glass.
  • It helps manage bug splatters especially when you have to drive around in areas known to have a swarm of large insects. Even with your windshield working overtime, it won't be able to stop the bugs from coming in. But with an air wind deflector, it pushes the bugs to the side clearing your windshield for a better sight.
  • It is easy to install without needing special tools in its installation.
  • They are also stylish.

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