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Water Tank Body: Delivering Safe Water

Water tank truck or otherwise known as water tanker and virescence spraying vehicle is mainly composed of the truck chassis, outlet system, water inlet, and the water tank body. A tank truck is basically a motor vehicle or truck body that is distinguishable by its shape. A cylindrical, horizontal tank is mounted onto it for the transport of chemicals, gases, emulsions, slurries, meltable solids, fluidizable solids, and different types of liquids.

Water Tank Body
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The largest water tank truck is similar to railroad tank cars that are also designed to carry liquefied loads. Since a wide variety of liquids are to be transported in a water tank body, these vehicles tend to be huge. Some of its less visible distinctions have something to do with its intended use, which can either be pressurized or non-pressurized, insulated or non-insulated, and can be designed to carry single or multiple loads by creating internal divisions within the tank.

The Common Features of Water Tank

The water tank body is made of various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The rigid steel body is further sprayed with superior-quality special paint to allow it to be more solid and safe. It is fitted with universal spare parts for a heavy-duty truck and a world-class chassis for excellent payload capacity. A heavy water tank body can be well fitted behind the cab because of its enormous front axle capacity and spring-loaded brackets.

Water tank trucks have different volume capacity. Its water tank body has capacities that range from 20,800 liters or 5,500 US liquid gallons to 34,000 liters or 9,000 US gallons. A smaller water tank body with less than 11,000 liters capacity is typically used in catering within the local community. The water tank body may have compartments with man access hatches in each compartment.

Water Tank Body Functions and Applications

A water tank truck is mostly used for storing water and transporting the same to some places where there is an urgent need for drinking water. A sprinkler water tank truck has been an effective urban government partner in making the city environment clean and beautiful by cleaning and watering the streets, plants, and grass. The front dash, rear sprinkler, and side spraying of a water tank body are made possible with the tank's fire hose coupling, working platform, and self-discharge valve. A rotatable water cannon is installed on the working platform to create various spraying functions and adjustments to create mist, drizzle, moderate rain, or heavy rain depending on the different purposes and environment.

Moving Water

Using water tankers is unavoidable especially when there are water problems in certain areas. Tankering is the common method for the immediate delivery of water after an emergency, while long-term solutions are being deliberated. Vehicles used in this type of operation require proper management and frequent maintenance. Ford, Kenworth, and Freightliner are just few of the water tank trucks manufacturers in the industry, which aims at delivering safe water to the community at all times. You need to make sure that you only get water tank body from dependable and reliable manufacturers to ensure safety always.

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