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Tips for Choosing a Rollback Body

What exactly is a rollback body and what is it used for? A rollback body is basically used on a truck that is capable of rolling back its flatbed backwards and down to an angle to make it easy to load the cargo. Also called a slide, the rollback body is often used to carry roll-on cargoes like small construction or farming vehicles and cars. A lot of times, these rollback bodies are used for trucks that are utilized for car repossessing needs or for towing needs. This kind of truck uses hydraulics to roll back the flatbed to help load the car or vehicle onto it. This same hydraulic system is used to put this flatbed back in place once the vehicle or cargo is secured.

Tips for Choosing a Rollback Body
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Trucks with Rollback Body for Towing

Why is the rollback body becoming more popular in towing vehicles than the other tow truck types being used? The answer to this probably lies in the fact that the rollback body carries the vehicles being repossessed or delivered to repair shops on its flat bed, keeping its wheels safely off the ground and keeping the car from moving which essentially helps keep the car in an immobile position that will prevent it from getting damaged. This kind of truck body can also be used to deliver brand new cars to owners who do not want to drive these to their homes especially if their homes are far from where the car was purchased. This helps keep the new car's mileage down and keep the wheels unused until it reaches its destination.

Tips for Buying a Rollback Body Truck

If you are planning on going into the repo business or you have a business that requires you to have a rollback body, you should remember a few of these tips when you purchase a rollback body or are looking to buy one:

  • When you are looking for a rollback body to buy, you should try to look for one that is located near you. This not only helps reduce the cost of having to get this vehicle to you from across the country, it also helps you to get the right kind of truck body you need since this will mean that the truck body is near enough for you to inspect first before you do pay for it.
  • Always ask questions you feel are important to you regarding the body in question. Remember that you will be making a sizeable investment in this and you will need to know what problems this may have for you to be able to gauge better if you should or should not buy it.
  • You can try to do a little comparison shopping online and check out the many different rollback bodies that are sold by many dealers online as well as by the many different individuals who wish to sell their old rollback body. You can choose the ones you like from the bodies you browse through and you can call to schedule an inspection of the truck parts you are considering buying from this list.

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