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Refrigerated Box: Transporting Cooled Cargo

Also called a mobile refrigerator, a refrigerated box is used to transport perishable goods that need to be kept at a certain cool temperature at all times to prevent spoilage or to keep these items from becoming damaged goods. These truck bodies are equipped with a cooling system that helps keep temperatures inside the cargo area of the refrigerated box at a certain level to keep certain products fresh and in the same condition they were in when they were first put on the truck.

These refrigerators are different from the simple ventilated or insulated truck bodies used to carry fresh fruit and other similar produce to their destinations in that they have refrigeration systems installed on them to keep the refrigerated box at a regulated cool temperature.

Refrigerated Box
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Methods for Cooling the Refrigerated Box

The refrigeration systems used to keep the cargo area cooled in the past used to consist of lots of ice blocks. These ice blocks used to line the sides of these old trucks with refrigerator body to help keep temperatures in the cargo hold of the truck down with the central part of these truck bodies used for carrying the perishable cargo in.

These days, modern cooling systems that are similar to those that are used in your home refrigerators are used to keep the refrigerated box cool enough for transporting these items in. Other refrigerator trucks even use carbon dioxide to reduce the temperature and maintain it at a cool level in the small trailer space they have. You will also find that there are refrigerator boxes that use liquid cooling agents like liquid nitrogen to help keep the interior of the truck at a particular cool level.

Items Transported Using Trucks with Refrigerated Box

The refrigerated box is often used to transport a lot of different perishable items. These include such items like perishable foodstuffs, which include meats, frozen dairy, dressed poultry, and other similar foodstuffs. You will also find that these refrigerated boxes are also used to transport certain pharmaceutical products and chemicals that need to be kept at a certain low temperature to help keep them in their useful state.

How Refrigerated box Are Kept Cold

Aside from the refrigeration units and methods used on these truck parts to get them to the low temperatures that are needed to help keep the cargo inside the refrigerated box from getting damaged or spoiled, these truck bodies are also built in such a way that they can help keep these temperatures down for a certain amount of time even when these refrigeration units fail. The composition of these truck parts helps make this possible. This is because these trucks have insulation materials lining the inside.

Most of the refrigerated box trucks being used these days to transport these goods have polyurethane foam insulation on the inside to help keep the coolness of these truck bodies intact. These boxes are also made with considerations for preventing heat from the outside from penetrating through. This is done with the help of diffusion proof facings on the outside of the truck. These heat insulation materials help keep the interior of the refrigerated box cool even when the truck is traveling on very hot days.

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