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Garbage Body: Different Types of Mobile Disposal Unit Truck

What is a garbage body and what are the specifications that need to be met for such truck bodies that are used to transport different types of waste to the proper disposal area for these wastes? The garbage body that you often see gathering the garbage from the many houses in the city is also called WCV or waste collection vehicle. These vehicles go around the city and other places they are supposed to go to on scheduled times to pick up the waste on the garbage body that is supposed to be transported to landfills, waste recycling facilities, or treatment centers. These truck parts are called a few different things in the many different locales that they are being used. For example, in the UK these are called dustbin lorries or dustcarts.

Garbage Body
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Different Garbage Body Types

These garbage bodies come in a number of designs that make garbage collecting easier and safer. There are actually five basic models that have a garbage body that are used today all over the world for garbage collecting. These are the following:

  • Front loaders. The front-loading garbage body uses automated forks that are located at the front of the trucks to pick up and lift the large waste containers or dumpsters that are used to hold garbage. These are then flipped over in an upside-down position to empty the waste in these bins into the truck's garbage body.
  • Rear loaders. These come in a few distinct sub-types of garbage body as well. These include the compactors and the basic waste collector types. When it comes to rear loaders, the more common garbage bodies are probably the compactor types that sweep and slide the collected garbage into compressed masses with the help of a moving wall and hydraulic valves.
  • Side loaders. These can load the garbage unto its garbage body from the side with the use of automated lifts that the driver can easily operate himself. The difference between side loaders and rear loaders is that a side loading garbage body only needs a single person to execute the garbage collection while rear loaders require a couple to three people to execute the proper collection of the garbage unto the garbage body.
  • Pneumatic waste collection vehicles. This is used to suck up garbage with the use of a crane that has a tube and a mouthpiece, which then fits into a hole on the ground. The garbage is usually found in underground installations and this crane and tube installation suck these up from these underground bins and dump them into the garbage body.
  • Grapple trucks. The fifth garbage body type that is being used around the world is often used for collecting bulk waste. This is often used to collect waste that conventional WCVs will find hard to collect, like oversized items or bulky waste such as tree trunks and branches, old furniture, and appliances and other similar bulky garbage people wish to dispose of. These types of garbage body use a clamshell type grappler to grab these wastes and dump these in the garbage body or trailer found behind the truck cab.

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