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Various Trucks with Dump Body

Probably one of the truck body types that most people are familiar with is the dump truck. This truck body is used mostly for hauling loose material like sand, dirt, and gravel to and from construction sites. These trucks are sometimes called production trucks in the U.S. Some of the other terms for trucks with a dump body used on trucks like these in the UK and in Australia include tipper lorry, tipper trucks, and tip truck.

Dump Body
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How this truck operates is simple enough. To load the truck up, you will need to use a backhoe. To unload it, you will find that these trucks have a hydraulic mechanism that lifts up the end located near the cab, and this tipping action dumps the cargo being carried within the open-boxed bed of the truck.

Different Kinds of Trucks with Dump Bodies

While the typical dump truck body consists of an open-boxed or open-top bed with a hinged rear to allow for easy dumping of the cargo when the bed is tipped, there are actually quite a number of different kinds of dump trucks that are used today. Here are some of them:

  • Standard Dump truck. This kind of dump truck has a truck chassis and a dump body that is mounted on the truck frame. This dump body or bed is tipped with the use of a hydraulic ram that is located near the cab of the truck and the rear has a hinged composition that allows for easy dumping.
  • Articulated Dump truck. This kind of dump truck composition consists of a dump body that has a hinge located right between the truck's cab and the dump body. These are often used on rough terrain.
  • Transfer Dump truck. This is basically the standard type dump truck that has a trailer pulled behind it for additional loads.
  • Semi Trailer End Dump truck. Also called a semi end dump truck, this truck's dump body consists of a combination of a tractor-trailer and dump body. This kind of dump body has the hydraulic hoist on the trailer itself.
  • Bottom Dump truck. As the name implies, this kind of dump body lets you dump your loads through the bottom or the belly of the dump bed. This kind of dump body lets you unload with the use of a dump gate found at the bottom of the truck bed.
  • Side Dump truck. This kind of a dump truck has a dump body that lets you unload on either side of the truck bed. The hydraulic rams that are on this dump body can tip the truck bed on the left or the right side, depending on where the cargo is to be unloaded.
  • Off-road Dump truck. This is a huge dump truck that you see used at mining sites. This has a dump body primarily used for off-road mining jobs and for massive dirt hauling needs. This kind of dump truck is available in two types, which are the articulating frame types and the rigid frame types. These trucks are usually called haul trucks with massive dump body.

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