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Wet Kit Tank: Different Kinds of Wet Kit Reservoir
What is a truck wet kit tank and what is it used for? To understand what a wet kit tank is, you will first need to understand what a wet kit is. A wet kit is basically a system that allows you to operate certain truck accessories like a boom or a crane with the help of a hydraulic pump and a system that is used with it. The wet kit is composed of a number of parts that include control valves, pumps, power take offs, hydraulic fittings and hoses, and tanks. These tanks are sometimes called reservoirs and are used to hold the hydraulic fluid that is needed and used to operate the entire wet kit system.

Wet Kit Tank
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Different Kinds of Wet Kit Tanks

When it comes to the many different kinds of wet kit tank that you can use for your wet kit systems, you should know that a lot of kits have their own tanks sold with them as part of the kit. However, you can specify what kind of tank you want, how big a tank you want, what material you want to be used for the tank, and what the shape of the tank you require when you order your wet kit from certain manufacturers and dealers.

Some manufacturers can make customized wet kit tank or reservoir for you while others carry a huge variety of tanks that you can choose from to suit your needs. All of these tanks, whether they are custom made or stock items, are multi-ported and are capable of accommodating return line and suction options. All of these also have internal baffles and vented fill caps.

  • Different materials used. When it comes to a wet kit tank, you will find that there are a number of many different kinds of materials that are used in manufacturing them. The three most commonly used materials used for this integral part of your wet kit system are poly, steel, and aluminum. These different materials can be used to manufacture the wet kit tank that you need for your system and can be molded into the many different shapes and sizes that these come in as well.
  • Different designs. The different designs that you can choose to use when having these wet kit tanks or reservoirs made include the standard upright mount, side mount, frame mount, and saddle mount. The shapes of these wet kit tanks also dictate how they are to be installed and where they can be installed on your truck. Upright mounts are often rectangular shaped while side mounts are often box-shaped. Saddle mounted tanks or reservoirs are round or barrel shaped.
  • Different carrying capacities. Aside from shape and materials used, you can also choose the carrying capacity of your wet kit tank. There are rather small sized tanks that can carry only 7 gallons of hydraulic fluid in them while there are some that can carry a whopping 75 gallons. Depending again on the shape of the tank, you can choose to have carrying capacities of 15, 25, 35, 50, and 55 gallons for your wet kit tank as well.

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