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Wet Kit Control: Understanding the Controls of the Wet Kit System

A truck wet kit is a tool that is used to operate the many different hydraulic accessories you may have installed on your truck. These truck wet kits come with many different parts and these include tanks or reservoirs for the hydraulic fluid, filters, hydraulic hoses, fittings, pumps and control valves. A truck wet kit control or control valve system basically dictates the flow of the hydraulic fluid and these come in a few arrangements. To control the flow of the wet kit's hydraulic fluid, there are a few possible dump pump arrangements you can utilize in the wet kit control.

Wet Kit Control
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Here are some of the possible arrangements:

  • Two line dump pump. This is a wet kit control system that is often used on a dump trailer. This kind of system basically integrates the control valve and the dump pump into a single entity. This has been found to be useful to dump trailers due to the fact that this is used intermittently or on and off.
  • Three line dump pump. This system is built somewhat like the two line dump pump system since the wet kit control valve and the hydraulic pump are integrated into a single system. This kind of system, however, enables people to use it continuously on a dump trailer that runs continuously.
  • Separate wet kit control valve and pump. This kind of system has both components separate from each other.
  • Customized wet kit control systems. If you have other wet kit control systems in mind and you want your manufacturer to make these for you, you can actually talk to them about these needs you have and they can custom-make a dump pump system for your particular needs.

Different Wet Kit Control Consoles

When it comes to controlling these mechanisms, you will need the right kind of control switch or system installed for the kind of accessory you are using with your wet kit control systems. There are a few different kinds of control consoles you can choose from when it comes to the controls available to you. However, most of the time, the wet kit control is included in the system when you purchase it and it is designed to work with the kind of dump pump that you ordered. Here are some of the more common wet kit control consoles used.

  • Dash mounted standard air control. These are often the most commonly used controls you will find with trucks that use a wet kit. This is often mounted on the dash of your truck and is often called an air switch. This is the most basic switch you will find included in most wet kit control consoles that are sold in the market today.
  • Hoist Control and PTO integrated consoles. These are often optional consoles that are specially mounted or attached to your truck's cab with the use of a cab floor mounted stand. This kind of wet kit control system is often specially made for your needs since these can come in varying heights, which you will need to specify when you order. These are considered optional since these usually have a couple of controls on them while the basic dash mounted wet kit control often has only one control.

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