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Wet Kit: Your Total Lift System for Your Truck

When you have a wet kit or wet-line kit on your truck or on your semi-truck, you basically have a tool that can enable you to use and operate certain accessories like cranes or booms on your truck. A wet kit is installed on trucks that have power take off or PTO and this power take off is what activates the hydraulic pump that the wet kit has, which is in turn used to operate the accessories that are attached to or installed on the truck.

Wet Kit
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Parts and Basic Function of the Wet Kit

A wet kit is often composed of a number of components that help operate the accessories you install in it. The wet kit often consists of the hydraulic hose and the fittings that come with this, tanks or reservoirs, control valves, filters, pumps, and the PTOs.

How the wet kit functions is easy enough to understand and go through. From the reservoir or tank, the hydraulic fluid is pumped into the hoses and the cylinders that are connected to these hoses once the PTO begins the cycle. When the hydraulic liquid is in the cylinders, the PTO can then execute any operations that you need it to execute like raising or lowering the loads on the truck, according to the accessory that is installed in your truck. The fluid that is discharged by the cylinders is then sent back to the tank or reservoir and the cycle continues.

Different Types of Wet Kits

A wet kit can be easily purchased from a lot of dealers and manufacturers who sell them and you can also find spare parts for these kits being sold by these same dealers and manufacturers as well should you need these in the future. There are a number of different kinds of wet kits that are used for a variety of applications and here are some of them:

  • Dumper trailer wet kit. This is used to operate dumper trailers and have around 3,000 psi of pressure behind it. The wet kit made for dumper trailers have a control valve and a single acting cylinder behind its power. Manufacturers and dealers can sell you a complete dump trailer wet kit made to your specifications or you can simply order what they have on stock, which may consist of kits that can be used on trailers that have a directional control valve.
  • Utility trailer wet kit. The wet line kit is often chosen by a lot of people for their needs due to the fact that this operates with very little fluid and at high pressures.

Different Types for Different Uses

Wet kits are often available to you in many different sizes to help with the many different needs you may have for it. You may need to consult with your dealer or manufacturer regarding what wet kit best suits your needs and kind of kits can be tailored to fit your exact needs. The applications that these kits are used on often need different kinds of pressure. The pressure is dependent on the hydraulic flow and hydraulic pump's capabilities. When you talk to your dealer or manufacturer, they can help you determine the system that can best meet your needs.

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