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Tool Box: The Safe Place for Your Tools

The very term tool box is easy enough to understand and easily denotes a box that holds tools in it. This is sometimes called a tool chest and this can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. A tool box can be constructed from a number of different kinds of materials like wood, plastic, and different kinds of metal. Tool box for trucks basically has hinged covers and various compartments found within a chest-like compartmental area where tools and other items that you want to keep in the tool box are kept.

Tool Box Body
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Different Kinds of Tool Box

There are a lot of different kinds of tool box for trucks that you can choose to install on your own truck. There are a number of different designs, sizes, and compositions that you can get from a number of tool box and truck accessories dealers. A lot of the truck tool box sold to truck owners often come made with the use of metals that include aluminum, stainless steel, and some are made with durable plastic. These can come with designs that are either single lidded or double lidded with the hinge found right in the middle. These are often secured to your truck with the help of brackets, screws, and other similar accessories that can help keep your tool box securely fastened to your truck.

Basic Tool box Designs

Some of the more common designs that you will find when it comes to the truck tool box include crossover, low-profile, stainless steel, single-lid, dual-lid, portable, and wheel well. Here are some of the more popular types people choose to install in their trucks:

  • Crossover Style. The tool box is called crossover style tool box because it crosses over the entire width of the truck bed when installed. This can be made with plastic, steel, and aluminum.
  • Wheel Well. This tool box is secured and installed along the sides of the truck near the wheel well, hence the name. This is to help save some space in the truck by utilizing these spaces.
  • Top Mount Rail. This tool box is mounted on your truck's bed rail to help give you extra storage space without having to use much space in the bed of the truck. You can increase the storage space of this tool box by using truck drawer storage additions that can partition your tool box effectively.
  • Side Mount Bed Rail. This kind of tool box is installed on the side of the truck bed and is ideal for those people who need longer storage space for longer tools. You can actually use this kind of tool box with a crossover style for maximum storage capability and for total bedrail coverage.
  • RV and Fifth Wheel tool box. This kind of tool box is shaped in such a way that it gives you access to your tools even when the truck is connected to your RV or trailer via the fifth wheel hitch.
  • Trailer Tongue Boxes. This type of tool box is smaller and rigged near the trailer hitch of your truck.
  • Underbody Tool box. Usually used for trucks that have a lot of space under the truck bed, this is attached to the truck's underside, near the rear wheel.

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