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Tail Pipe: How to Have Better Tail Pipes

When you talk about a truck tail pipe, you are basically talking about the exhaust pipe of your truck. What does an exhaust pipe do and what does it do for your vehicle? An exhaust pipe is basically the pipe that guides the residue exhaust gases away from the engine. This gas is released through these exhaust pipes to give way to the new mixture of fuel and air that needs to be combusted in the engine to keep it running.

Different vehicles are equipped with different kinds of exhaust pipe or tail pipe. When it comes to trucks, most of the bigger ones have exhaust pipes that are found right behind the cab. With smaller trucks, you will find that these have exhaust tail pipe found at the rear of the vehicle.

Tail Pipe
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Repairing and Fixing Noisy Tailpipes

Noisy exhaust pipes can be such a pain. A noisy tail pipe often means more than just noise coming from your exhaust system. This may also mean that there is damage on your tail pipe that needs repairing. Some of the problems you are sure to find with noisy tailpipes are holes and leaks and leaving these unrepaired can give way to problems like deadly gases ending up in your truck cab. You can actually have this problem addressed by mechanics that you trust but if you feel that you can do this yourself, you will need to remember some pointers:

  • Examine your exhaust system first before deciding on repairing your tailpipes. Try to determine if the noise is due to a hole in the tail pipe, if it is a problem with the muffler or if the problem is found near the manifold or catalytic converter.
  • If the noise is indeed due to a hole in your tail pipe and this hole is not rusted over and can be fixed, you can try to do this yourself. You can fix this problem with the help of a muffler bandage. You can also choose to cover this hole with the use of a small piece of sheet metal and you can use this to patch the hole up.
  • If the damage is rusted over or is more than just because of a hole in the tail pipe, you might need to remove the damaged area with the use of a blowtorch and you will need to replace the entire damaged area with a new tail pipe.
  • When you need to use blowtorches to patch up these holes or to remove a rusted and damaged tail pipe portion from your truck, make sure that you are doing this the safe way and that there is no danger of a flare up due to gas or oil near the area you are working on.
  • Always have all your tools ready when you start work on repairing your damaged tail pipe. Some of the tools and materials you will need may include muffler clamps, muffler putty, a wrench, epoxy, and screwdrivers.
  • Make sure that your tail pipe has cooled down before you start fixing it. The least amount of time needed to cool down an exhaust pipe is 30 minutes.

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