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Muffler Guard: Protecting the Exhaust Muffler

One of the accessories truck owners often install on their trucks is the muffler guard. What exactly is a muffler guard and what purpose does it serve to your truck? If you are to define it according to the meaning of each word, you will easily find out what this does for your truck. A muffler essentially helps muffle the noise that your exhaust system makes or it makes your truck run a lot quieter than without the muffler. A muffler guard is then employed to protect the muffler from damage and dents should things hit it on the road or elsewhere. It is also used to protect people from burning themselves by accidentally touching the hot exhaust pipes and mufflers.

Muffler Guard
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Trucks that Use Muffler Guard

There are a lot of different kinds of trucks that use muffler guard and these include most of the trucks that you see with exhaust systems that are placed directly behind the cab. Some of the trucks that usually have exhaust pipes and systems that are found standing upright right behind the truck's cab include trucks that are used to haul large trailers behind them, garbage compactor trucks, and other similarly large trucks.

Different Kinds of Muffler Guard

Depending on what you want to use to protect your mufflers and your exhaust pipes, you will find that there are a lot of choices for you to choose from when it comes to the kinds of muffler guard you can utilize for your truck mufflers and exhaust pipes. Some people choose to protect their truck mufflers with a simple muffler guard made with wire mesh while others choose to have professionally made muffler guard installed to protect their mufflers from damage.

Some of the professionally made muffler guard includes those that are made of stainless steel and have different hole shapes and configurations for you to choose from. Others choose to have muffler guard made out of aluminum. This muffler guard often comes in a set when you purchase it, and the set often include the clamps, brackets, and screws that are needed to keep these attached to your truck exhaust pipes and mufflers.

What to Do and Not to Do When Installing Muffler Guard

When you install muffler guard on your truck's exhaust pipes and mufflers, try to practice extreme caution so as to avoid damaging and denting the parts that you are supposed to protect with this muffler guard. Trying to be careful with installation also helps you avoid scratching the paint of your truck and causing damage to other parts of your truck. Make sure that when you start installing your muffler guard that the truck has rested for a bit of time so that your exhaust pipes and mufflers are no longer hot to the touch.

Try to ensure that you have all the tools you need for installation on hand before you start work, so as to finish what you need to do fast and so that you won't have to run back and forth when it comes to installation. If you find that the installation of your muffler guard is too complicated for you to handle, you might want to tap the services of the people who sold your muffler guard to you to help you with this.

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