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Headache Rack: Know Why It Is Called So

What is a truck headache rack and what is this used for?

When you look for a definition for the term headache rack, you will find this is defined as a heavy protective barrier that is mounted directly behind the truck's or tractor's cab. The term headache rack comes from the fact that this barrier is made to help prevent the "headaches" caused by any loads placed in the back of the truck shifting forward and crushing the cab and the person in it.

Headache Rack
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Different Components of a Headache Rack

These headache racks are often made with a few sections, which is composed of the following:

  • A rack frame that includes the upper frame section of the rack
  • A lower rack frame section that is made up of at least a couple of bar members that extend horizontally across this lower frame part of the rack, a pair of vertical bar members that are positioned inwardly and from the ends of the two horizontal bar members.
  • An upper frame part that can be coupled with tubular members that can be adjusted with the help of a telescopic attachment to help with adjusting this rack according to the height of the truck it is to be attached to
  • A rack mounting that is found on the frame, which is used to attach this rack to the truck it is to be used on.

Other Uses of a Headache Rack

Aside from protecting the person in the cab from possibilities of getting hit by loads that are placed in the rear of the truck through the rear window of the cab, the headache rack is also used for other purposes. These racks are oftentimes installed for purposes of securing and supporting loads that are placed in the rear of the truck for transport. These racks can also be used to safely run electrical wiring that is needed by the lights that are sometimes mounted on these racks or on top of the truck's cab. These electrical wires are often run within the tubes of the rack to help protect it from the weather elements.

Different Materials Used for Headache Racks

There are a lot of different kinds of materials used for making these headache racks that are used on pick-up trucks and other similar vehicles. These include such materials and components like the following:

  • square aluminum frames with aluminum mesh
  • square metal frames with metal mesh
  • 14 gauge 2 inch square tubing for the frame with 11 gauge tubing for the protective louver bars
  • round aluminium frames with round tubing for the protective louver bars

These are just a few of the different kinds of headache racks you can purchase ready made from manufacturers that make these for the many different kinds of trucks that people drive. If you want, you can actually make your own headache rack according to your preferences. You can choose the kind of materials you want to use and the design you need for this rack and you can have someone weld together these components into a headache rack that best suits your needs and preferences.

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