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Truck Air Tank: Storing the Air for Your Various Truck Air Needs

What is a truck air tank used for and why does a truck often need one of these things?

When defined, an air tank is a pressurized vessel that holds compressed air that is then used for number of different reasons, which include the operation of pneumatic equipment and for operating air brakes. Air tanks come in a variety of sizes that include one-gallon tanks, two-gallon tanks, three-gallon tanks, and five-gallon tanks. When an air tank is used on a truck, this is often for a couple of purposes, and these are for braking and for use on the air horn.

Truck Air Tank
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Why Air Brakes Are Used on Trucks

There are a number of good reasons why air brakes that are supplied air by air tanks are used on semi-trailer trucks and other big vehicles. One of the reasons is because of the need for larger braking forces needed to stop these heavier vehicles. Hydraulic braking systems that use hydraulic fluid often experience problems with braking due to the evaporation of the brake fluid in the hydraulic lines when these become overheated. This is why bigger trucks that can cause huge accidents if brakes fail use air brakes that are supplied by these truck air tanks.

Other Uses for Truck Air Tanks

When it comes to truck air tanks, you will find that they are used for a lot of things. These tanks are used for other pneumatic accessories your truck may have and for use with your air horns. This is probably why a lot of people prefer air tanks that are bigger and can carry more compressed air from the compressor. A lot of trucks prefer bigger air tanks for the many uses they need it for, like for braking and for their horns and other pneumatic accessories. This may be why you will find a lot of these bigger air tanks situated behind the fuel tanks of these trucks.

Air Brake Problems Associated with Air Tanks

Some of the problems truckers have when it comes to air brakes malfunctioning is sometimes associated with problems regarding their air tanks. One of these problems is condensation, and sometimes you will find that in colder weather, these problems cause the most worry. This is because of the fact that condensed water that comes from these air tanks and courses through the air brake lines can freeze in cold weather and this can block the much-needed air that these brakes require for them to work. Luckily, a lot of the newer air tanks being installed on trucks these days have drain valves installed in them to help prevent this from happening.

How an Air Tank Keeps Itself Full

Trucks need their air tanks to have enough air to supply these vehicles with the air needed for the braking system, the air horns, and the other pneumatic accessories it is used on. To do this, the tank is paired with a compressor that feeds it the much-needed compressed air that the truck uses. These tanks have regulators that sense when there is enough air pressure in it. If the air pressure falls below what is normally needed, the compressor is automatically turned on. If the air pressure is back at its needed amount in the tank, the compressor is turned off automatically as well.

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