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Truck Air Horn: The Need for This Essential Warning Device

What is a truck air horn and why is this used on a lot of trucks? A truck air horn is basically a device that emits a very loud sound, and this sound is produced by a horn that uses compressed air. These air horns are often found installed on various types of vehicles like semi-trailer trucks, trains, and even fire trucks. These horns are essentially warning devices that are used to tell people on the road ahead that a huge vehicle that is moving at a rather high speed is coming up. Since these horns are very loud, the sound can be carried over a far distance, giving vehicles ahead fair warning that a truck is on the way.

Truck Air Horn
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Laws on Truck Air Horn Usage

A truck air horn has a decibel range of somewhere between 80 and 90 decibels. Since it has been ascertained that constant exposure to sounds that reach 90 decibels can lead to a person becoming deaf, the U.S. government enacted a law that sets a noise abatement standard to help avoid such things from happening. This covers such noise-making items like horns and sirens. While a truck air horn does produce a 90 decibel noise, it is not used that often enough to be considered that big a threat to a person's hearing. What can cause the loss of hearing from sounds that measure 90 decibels is constant exposure to such a sound.

Installing Air Horns on Your Truck

When you decide on installing air horns on your truck, you should realize that you will need more than just the noise-making horns for such an installation. To install air horns, you will need to have all the components needed for such an installation, and these include air tanks or compressors, a pressure switch, hoses, a valve, a gauge, the switches, and of course, the air horn. Of course, if you want, you can opt to buy yourself a truck air horn kit instead of these individual parts, and you can have this installed for you by a mechanic or an expert on such things.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

If you would rather do these things yourself, there are a few basic steps you will need to follow, and the first one is to decide where you will be placing the air horns you have chosen for your truck. Some people choose to mount their air horns on top of their trucks while others prefer to have these hidden away. Next would be to mount these horns with the use of sturdy mounts. You will then need to install your air tank and your compressor and to place them in an area that is protected but still easily accessible, like a toolbox or underneath the cab. You will need to mount these securely as well. Install the rest of the hardware needed for your truck air horn according to the instructions that usually come with the truck air horn kits that you purchased. Test your air horn out first before you drive off and test it again after you drive a mile. Do this a couple of times to ensure that you installed your air horns properly.

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