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Truck Air Cleaner: Keeping Your Engines Dirt and Dust Free

What is an air cleaner and what does it do for your truck?

A truck air cleaner is where you can find the truck air filter, and this piece serves to keep your engine free of dirt and dust that may clog it up and cause it to break down. Your engine needs an equal mixture of fuel and air for there to be combustion that makes your engine run, and clean air is needed for such a mixture. The truck air cleaner that carries the air filter in it helps keep dirt from entering the engine by trapping the dirt that gets sucked in along with the air. The air cleaner then gives the engine the clean air it needs.

Truck Air Cleaner
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When to Change Your Filters in the Air Cleaner

You will need to know when it is ideal for you to clean the filters that are found in your air cleaner. You may need to change your air filter according to where you live, taking into consideration the pollution levels of the areas you are travelling through and how often you use your vehicle. While it is ideal for you to change your air filter at least once a year. But if you are actively using your vehicle and are travelling through highly polluted, dusty, and dirty areas of the country, you may need to change your filters more frequently. You may need to have your filters checked by a mechanic when you have your oil changed or when you get your truck tuned up.

Why It Is Important to Have Clean Filters in Your Air Cleaner

Some people mistakenly believe that their air filters need to be a bit dirty for these to work properly. It is actually very important that you change your filters regularly since a dirty air filter in your air cleaner can make your truck perform below what is expected of it. When performance is affected, you will find that your gas mileage suffers. You will also find that other parts of your vehicle will also function ineffectively and will suffer from the dirt that a dirty air in your air cleaner filter brings with it.

One such part that may suffer from a dirty air filter from the air cleaner is your spark plugs. You will find that your spark plugs will have a hard time keeping your engine running since a dirty filter in a truck air cleaner will not allow enough air into the engine, which in turn will make your spark plugs foul. This is when there is too much fuel and very little air in your engine's combustion mixture.

How to Replace the Air Filter in Your Truck's Air Cleaner

When you want to replace the filter in your air cleaner, you may need to consult with a mechanic and have them do this for you. But if you feel you are capable enough, here are a few steps you should follow:

  • First identify the cold air intake system.
  • Second, identify the adjacent parts.
  • Third, start opening up the area that holds the filter in your air cleaner with the use of the appropriate tools.
  • Remove the air intake system that includes the air filter.
  • Clean the parts with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Do not tap dirt out of the filter as it may damage this.
  • Return all the parts to where they belong.
  • Close everything up properly with the right screws.

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