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Worldwide shipping!

We Ship Worldwide Since our locations are nationwide and based all over the country, we can offer discounted shipping within the continental 48 U.S. States and many international destinations. Automotix does not markup any shipping costs or charges handling fees. We ship worldwide major truck parts and assemblies including Caterpillar engines, Cummins engines, Allison transmissions, GMC axles & differentials, Mack truck engine parts and even complete salvage truck. Import and export buyers, call us for more information.

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US & Canada Customers / Domestic Buyers

We offer US and Canada customers our higher quality products that are tested and carry up to 6-months warranty. Since availability is important to get your truck back on the road, we guarantee our domestic retail customers an economical way of fixing their trucks fast. We provide good quality used products that are functioning identical to new and remanufactured from the OEM and aftermarket at a substantially reduced price.

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Export Wholesale Customers / International Buyers

We offer our international customers to purchase our cheaper products that we could not legally sell to US customers at very attractive prices. We have served many export and import customers that wanted to purchase large quantities of specific diesel parts, engines or complete trucks at low cost. Our heavy truck parts and motors have to meet a minimum requirement of quality that can vary from exporter to exporter.

Why Buying From Us?

Price – Export/Import wholesale buyers tend to be more price conscious customers, yet our availability and quality of our export wholesale products are better and more accurate than are small competitors. It is important to remind our export wholesale customers that even if they can buy products at a lower price, the supplier may not have the quantities or type of product quality they are looking for.

Availability – Our Heavy Truck Division is the largest in our industry with more used parts available than our competitors. When we do not have a part available chances are our competitors also do not have the part available. Sometimes we have little control over a part not being available as we can not just make more parts like the OEM; we only have what is available for us to purchase. Our experience and knowledge of heavy trucks within our organization has allowed us to offer other options to customers that they or our competitors might not have known.

Quality – What separates us from our competitors is that we record and truthfully represent each part we sell. There is a certain level of quality that exporters look for when ordering parts. We record information specific to what they are looking for so that we can offer them products that meet their level of quality in the most economical way.

Warranty – We offer the best warranty in the industry! Read more...

We offer Export wholesale customers one stop shopping to handle their larger quantity orders. We have the facility and experience to handle getting their truck parts, motors or trucks loaded, delivered to the port, and out of the country where our smaller competitors sometimes do not have the facility or man power to handle these large orders.