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Used Delivery Truck Parts
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Delivery trucks have been delivering dreams for generations. These trucks bring everything from business items to flowers and candy making them one of the most important trucks we see from day to day.

Many delivery trucks are on the road today for one reason: Automotix. We can ship you any part that is needed for your trucks, even if you have a whole fleet of trucks. We have the shipping capability and the resources to get you as many parts as you need for any engine.

We have by far the best warranty in the industry as well, you get 100 days full refund or exchange on defective parts.

We Ship Wolrdwide
Truck diesel engine

Delivery Truck Diesel Engine

UPS, your local mail carrier and every flower shop in just about every city uses delivery trucks and if even one part of any of them failed it could mean a major hit in the company's profits. We are here to make sure that when it happens to you the loss is minimal. We offer you the best diesel engines for your delivery truck whether you are running a UPS deliver truck or a small freight company's truck.

Whether you are looking for a Caterpillar engine, Cummins motor, Detroit Diesel, Mack engine, Volvo, Isuzu, Mercedes or Ford truck diesel engine for your Delivery Truck, we can help you buy one cheap and fast!

Truck transmission

Delivery Truck Transmission

In a short amount of time we can ship you the Ford, GMC, Kenworth or even Sterling auto parts you need for your delivery truck transmission. Even if your truck is an older mode, with our huge network of salvage yards, finding anything you need is not a problem. Our competition cannot offer you these types of resources, or shipping capabilities either.

Need a replacement, remanufactured or used Allison transmision, Fuller Eaton automatic transmission, Rockwell transmission, GM, International, Mack or Isuzu gear box, New Process or Clark manual transmission for your Delivery Truck? We can help you purchase the Delivery Truck transmission or transfer case you need, cheap and fast!

Truck Rear Axle / Differential

Delivery Truck Rear axle / differential

We ship all over the world and there is no limit to the size of your order. If you want 100 axles or differentials we will ship you 100 drivetrian components, who else can offer that kind of service with reliability like ours? No one.

Shopping currently for truck axle or differential? We have access to a large inventory of Dana axles, Eaton axle/differential Assemblies, Rockwell axle units, GM front/Rear axles, International, Mack, or White rear axles (front or rear) and differentials. We can help you find the right Axle and Differential for your Delivery Truck most cost-effectively.

Suspension & Shocks

Delivery Truck Suspension & Shocks

Finding the right suspension system and shocks for your Delivery Truck will determine the ride roughness/smoothness and performance of your truck on the road. Before you replace a suspension or shock in your Delivery Truck, find out the manufacturer of the existing system you have and search our catalog. Our catalog includes used and refurbished front and rear suspensions and shocks for your Delivery Truck. Units were originally manufactured by Chalmers, Freightliner, Hendrickson, Kenworth, International, Neway, Peterbilt, Reyco, Volvo, Mack and Ford. Buy Delivery Truck suspension or shock from us and receive an exclusive 100-day warranty!

Fuel tank

Delivery Truck Fuel tank

We will find you the fuel tank you need quickly and ship them to you fast and easy. There is no reason to keep your trucks off the road, eating up money when you have Automotix on your side. Just tell us what material is your fuel tank, the size and its location on the truck. We will find you a good fuel tank to get you back fast and cheap on the road.

Truck wheels and tires

Delivery Truck Wheels & Tires

Automotix isn't just about getting parts for a heavy duty truck engine. We can also supply you with wheels and tires. Regardless of your trucks size or purpose or where in the world you live, we can get you the tires you need to keep you safe on the road at all times.

Truck Engine parts

Delivery Truck Engine parts

We can help importers and exporters find product as well. We can handle any shipping requirements, just let us know what you need and we can get started on making it happen for you today.

Truck Body parts

Delivery Truck Body Parts

There are even body parts you can get through us. The amount of money you will save is enormous. We offer great body parts cheap and all of them are stored indoors so you don't have to worry about rust and peeling paint.

We have been in the salvage and reselling business for over 40 years now and have perfected what we do. We have such a large network at our disposal that there is no way for others in a similar business offering you the kind of selection and price that we do.

Salvage/Repairable/Export Trucks Sales

Salvage/Repairable/Used Delivery Trucks For Sale

We sell complete used and salvaged Delivery Trucks for export, repair or dismantling purposes. If you are a truck part trader, truck dismantler, truck rebuilder, importer or exporter feel free to contact us with any questions or requests. We are here to serve everyone from those looking to improve their own trucks or those who want to sell to others on the other side of the world. Check out our inventory online or contact our sales department at 1-866-381-2897 (outside US call +1 813.421-8761).