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Cab Hauler Trucks and Parts Sales
Truck Parts

Car hauler trucks may not be the sort of truck everyone has in their garage but they are the one that makes all those filled garages possible. How do you think cars get to the dealerships? How do you think old ones get shipped away on? Car hauler trucks of course.

Tow trucks can only take one vehicle at a time but these big trucks can take several, some can even handle upwards of a dozen cars. You might even have seen these trucks loaded down with crushed cars. There are many different sizes of these trucks and no matter which you need Automotix can help you get it or any parts for it.

We Ship Wolrdwide
Truck diesel engine

Cab Hauler Truck Diesel engine

Affordable and reliable engines for car hauler trucks are something you need to know how to source. Automotix not only has the best warranty in the industry, it also has a low price guarantee. You can ship engines or engine parts anywhere in the world, you can ship multiple engines anywhere in the world for that matter, we have this kind of capability. Our competitors do not.

Whether you are looking for a Caterpillar engine, Cummins motor, Detroit Diesel, Mack engine, Volvo, Isuzu, Mercedes or Ford truck diesel engine for your Cab Hauler Trucks, we can help you buy one cheap and fast!

Truck transmission

Cab Hauler Truck Transmission

An affordable and equally dependable transmission is just as important regardless of the size of your car hauler. We have quality salvaged and refurbished transmissions for your truck. Check out what we have to offer and if you have a request let us know.

Need a replacement, remanufactured or used Allison transmision, Fuller Eaton automatic transmission, Rockwell transmission, GM, International, Mack or Isuzu gear box, New Process or Clark manual transmission for your Cab Hauler Trucks? We can help you purchase the Cab Hauler Trucks transmission or transfer case you need, cheap and fast!

Truck Rear Axle / Differential

Cab Hauler Truck Rear Axle & Differential Sales

When you need new differential or a whole new rear axle for your ambulance, check us out. We have front and rear axle assemblies, Rear Differentials (front and Rear), Rears Assemblies and matched set differentials and any other drivetrain part you may need now and in the future for your Ambulance. We can even connect you with the right rear axle covers that you need to complete the fix up on your truck.

Shopping currently for truck axle or differential? We have access to a large inventory of Dana axles, Eaton axle/differential Assemblies, Rockwell axle units, GM front/Rear axles, International, Mack, or White rear axles (front or rear) and differentials. We can help you find the right Axle and Differential for your Cab Hauler Trucks most cost-effectively.

Fuel tank

Cab Hauler Trucks Suspension & Shocks

Finding the right suspension system and shocks for your Cab Hauler Trucks will determine the ride roughness/smoothness and performance of your truck on the road. Before you replace a suspension or shock in your Cab Hauler Trucks, find out the manufacturer of the existing system you have and search our catalog. Our catalog includes used and refurbished front and rear suspensions and shocks for your Cab Hauler Trucks. Units were originally manufactured by Chalmers, Freightliner, Hendrickson, Kenworth, International, Neway, Peterbilt, Reyco, Volvo, Mack and Ford. Buy Cab Hauler Trucks suspension or shock from us and receive an exclusive 100-day warranty!

Fuel tank

Cab Hauler Truck Fuel Tank

We carry a large inventory of truck fuel tanks (gas tanks) that can fit your Cab Hauler truck. Before buying a replacement Cab Hauler fuel tank for your Cab Hauler truck you need to identify the tank size in gallons, the shape of the tank, the material the tank is mad of and the side it's located on your Cab Hauler truck. With this information you will find many replacement Cab Hauler fuel tanks that will fit your truck.

Truck Engine parts

Cab Hauler Truck Engine parts

Need engine parts for a Peterbilt, Western Star, Kenworth or a Cottrell engine? Let us know, we will get the parts quickly and seamlessly. Business has never been so easy as with us, we make sure of it.

All of the parts we stock and source for customers are well taken care of. We store them indoors away from wind and rain. We test all of the parts as well, making sure they have the kind of quality you need.

Truck Body parts

Cab Hauler Truck Body Parts

We take care of the body parts we have just as well as we do any of the engine parts. If you need a new bumper, door or hood for your car hauler, let us know and we will connect you with it.

With our 40 years of experience and worldwide shopping and shipping no one can beat us in terms of service. We have the capability and the reputation you need to feel good about working with us.

Importers and exporters are more than welcome to give us a call to find out more. We can ship to any country in the world and on matter how many parts you need, we can make it happen.

Read over the low price guarantee and our 180 day warranty policy and see why we are so different than our competition. We stand behind every engine or body part we sell, we know they are the best quality parts for the lowest possible price. We guarantee it.

Salvage/Repairable/Export Trucks Sales

Salvage/Repairable Cab Hauler Trucks For Sale

We sell complete used and salvaged Cab Hauler Trucks for export, repair or dismantling purposes. If you are a truck part trader, auto dismantler, truck mechanics, importer or exporter feel free to contact us with any questions or requests. We are here to serve everyone from those looking to improve their own vehicle or those who want to sell to others on the other side of the world. Check out our inventory online or contact our sales department at 1-866-381-2897 (outside US call +1 813.421-8761)