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You would be hard pressed to find someone who had never been on a bus. They are convenient, the ultimate form of car pooling and absolutely essential. Millions of people depend on busses to get from point A to point B and if you are a reseller or you own a bus company you will be glad you found us. Here at Automotix you will get the highest quality bus parts and the finest warranty in the industry. No one else is going to offer you a 180 day guarantee of used parts. No one.

There are many different types of busses on the road today. Regular city busses and school busses are the types we are most familiar with. There are smaller buses however that are often used to transport smaller numbers of people, often helping to take disabled or elderly people around town for their errands.

We Ship Wolrdwide
Truck diesel engine

Bus Diesel Engine

The diesel engine is the smart choice for any bus and if you need a new one then check out our network and see how easy it is to use to your advantage. You can get everything from an Urban Transit engine with Acert technology to a Deutz series. Nissan engines, school bus engines, whatever you need we will help you find it.

Whether you are looking for a Caterpillar engine, Cummins motor, Detroit Diesel, Mack engine, Volvo, Isuzu, Mercedes or Ford truck diesel engine for your Bus, we can help you buy one cheap and fast!

Truck transmission

Bus Transmission

The same is true of the transmissions. Both city and school busses get worn out, there is a lot of driving back and forth and when you need a new transmission you need to be able to go to a place you can trust to get the new part. Rebuilt transmissions are the name of the game and no one else can get the high quality parts you need cheaper and with such an outstanding warranty.

Need a replacement, remanufactured or used Allison transmision, Fuller Eaton automatic transmission, Rockwell transmission, GM, International, Mack or Isuzu gear box, New Process or Clark manual transmission for your Bus? We can help you purchase the Bus transmission or transfer case you need, cheap and fast!

Truck Rear Axle / Differential

Bus Rear Axle & Differential

When you need new differential or a whole new rear axle for your Bus, help us serve you. We have front and rear axle assemblies, Rear Differentials (front and Rear), Rears Assemblies and matched set differentials and any other drivetrain part you may need now and in the future for your Tour/School Bus. We can even connect you with a refurbished rear axle set that you need to complete the fix up on your Bus.

Shopping currently for truck axle or differential? We have access to a large inventory of Dana axles, Eaton axle/differential Assemblies, Rockwell axle units, GM front/Rear axles, International, Mack, or White rear axles (front or rear) and differentials. We can help you find the right Axle and Differential for your Bus most cost-effectively.

Bus Suspension & Shocks

Bus Suspension & Shocks

Finding the right suspension system and shocks for your Bus will determine the ride roughness/smoothness and performance of your truck on the road. Before you replace a suspension or shock in your Bus, find out the manufacturer of the existing system you have and search our catalog. Our catalog includes used and refurbished front and rear suspensions and shocks for your Bus. Units were originally manufactured by Chalmers, Freightliner, Hendrickson, Kenworth, International, Neway, Peterbilt, Reyco, Volvo, Mack and Ford. Buy Bus suspension or shock from us and receive an exclusive 100-day warranty!

Fuel tank

Bus Fuel Tank

We carry a large inventory of truck fuel tanks (gas tanks) that can fit your Cement Mixer truck. Before buying a replacement fuel tank for your Cement truck you need to identify the tank size in gallons, the shape of the tank, the material the tank is mad of and the side it's located on your Cement truck. With this information you will find many replacement fuel tanks that will fit your truck.

Truck wheels and tires

Bus Wheels & Tires

A bus needs to be equipped to get people where they need to be at any time of year and in any weather. In order to do this it needs to have the right wheels and tires on it. The safety of those on board must always be the most important thing.

These passengers are your priority and your responsibilities and that means you have to have the tires most appropriate for any time of year. We can supply you with as many ties as you need to get through any season.

Truck Engine parts

Bus Engine parts

Each engine part we ship, no matter where in the world we ship it to, has been rigorously tested for quality and performance. You are being sold high quality bus engine parts for far less than any of our competitors could give it to you.

Automotix has a low price guarantee that ensures you always get the most affordable parts for your bus or any other vehicle you may own.

Truck Body parts

Bus Body Parts

We keep both the engine parts and the auto body parts indoors where they are sheltered from weather damage. We take care of each part that comes our way so that you get exactly what you need the first time you order it.

Between our low price guarantee and our 180 day warranty we are the most reliable, the safest and the cheapest way to get the parts you need for a bus.

Automotix ships worldwide. If you are a parts trader, an importer or exporter you can contact us with any questions you may have. We would be more than happy to help you get what you need. Today.

Salvage/Repairable/Export Trucks Sales

Salvage/Repairable Bus For Sale

We sell complete used and salvaged Buses for export, repair or dismantling purposes. If you are a truck part trader, auto dismantler, car rebuilder, importer or exporter feel free to contact us with any questions or requests. We are here to serve everyone from those looking to improve their own vehicle or those who want to sell to others on the other side of the world. Check out our inventory online or contact our sales department at 1-866-381-2897 (outside US call +1 813.421-8761).